much receives some customers and visitors information when travelling our site. This is done so that you can have a better browsing experience and for us to improve our services. The privacy of all information is kept in accordance with the law applied in the European Union and respected throughout the world as well as within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ensuring this standard of privacy and confidence of those who visit us and purchase items from our store is our first priority.



Obtaining personal data is not required to visit our site. We only advert you for the fact that when you order any of our articles, you must provide information that is considered mandatory or, in some cases, volunteer to complete a purchase and the correspondent shipping.

For a so-called normal/regular navigation, the information collected does not include any use of personal data about yourself except for data associated with the own navigation (browser, IP and type of service).

According to the rules instated, our website obtains information in the form of cookies. This information is used to assess the capacity and effectiveness of our website and to identify problems. As mentioned on the privacy item, this happens so that users can have a better browsing experience and so that we can improve our services.



We have implemented security measures to protect all the above mentioned information. It is stored by us on secure servers and is accessible only to the entry process on user-account or by us to solve any problems that may occur. Confidentiality and security of it is guaranteed and verified.

All the user’s experiences at this website are redirected to Portugal for our servers. Purchases made at much are validated and sent also from Portugal to the world.

Any information stored is not of a personal nature, nor is accessible out of the website. In an extreme case of a server invasion, no personal information is revealed beyond mere statistics from the website itself. Unfortunately, the guarantee of security related to internet always depends on each user's browsing habits and can’t be 100% guaranteed.

Regarding the sales environment, much has chosen Braintree, a subsidiary from the higher safety worldwide service: PayPalTM. Through this service, you can make payments without having account, enter your data directly to your account (if you are already a customer of the service) or create a new customer account directly through PayPalTM. Apart from this service, and to promote a greater comfort for customers, we also offer the possibility of payments by Multibanco Reference system with all the usual security that this possibility offers.



much will never disclose, sell, rent or make public any of your personal information. This indication is valid until there is any requirement by law or to protect our users.

The information is gathered solely and exclusively for your order process and for the reasons already mentioned in the privacy policy.



Your e-mail will be recorded in our database so you can receive (from our staff) all information relating to your order delivery, arrival of new products, promotions, important information, etc. If you wish not to receive information beyond from what is associated with your order, you should tell us this decision by sending an email to or by changing the subscription type on one of our newsletters.

When a user signs up our newsletter we also apply all the principles above discriminated.



You can also delete your account at any time by logging in to your account and selecting the "Delete Account" option. We alert to the fact that there is data communicated to the Portuguese Tax Authority that cannot be eliminated for legal reasons.

To obtain any data information that is associated with your profile you can also contact us at


Disclaimer: our website is not directed or disclosed to anyone underage (below 16 years). No person under 16 years old must register on our website or in any activity promoted by it.