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Much More Awards


Tudo Vai Melhorar project is the second winner of our much more award – national – with the series "Já Melhorou". This series gathers eight stories of people with public notoriety or within the LGBTI community and each episode tells us the course of each one of them, showing what has improved, how and when, in a simple but very expeditious, free of prejudice and in a completely inspiring way. It is through YouTube that it has been and continues to be taken to the home of thousands of people, always with telling us that yes, it is possible to be happy being the way you are, without a doubt, even if for that it was necessary to tread sinuous paths that life has traced. Our sincere THANK YOU goes to the direct protagonists of this series – Andreo Gustavo, Alexandre Quintanilha, Carlos Sanches Ruivo, David Martins, Edie Läpore, Kiki Pais de Sousa, Lourenço Ódin Cunha e Mariana Carvalho – as well as to Diogo Vieira da Silva (the responsible behind the Project), Vasco Rosa and all his team that brought us this magnificent series with its indisputable quality and unique feeling of achievement.






Josh Thomas is the second winner of our much more award – international – with the critically acclaimed series "Please Like Me". He is the creator but also part of the writers and directors team and the main character of this magnificent and must-see series! It is very difficult to put down in words what touched us in so little space. From the original way the episodes begin (one even with the traditional Portuguese custard tarts!), through relationships, showing different perspectives in the LGBTQ community, the night parties, boyfriends, the relationship with the divorced parents, the touching way that it approaches the, sometimes taboo, subject of depression. Well thought out with intelligent writing, breathtaking sequences and moments and a humorous quality out of the ordinary. It took us to the clouds, made us laugh and cry, becoming – without a doubt – one of our favorite series ever. 4 seasons, fast and fascinating. The way the series ends leaves us with a feeling that everything has effectively made sense despite the thirst for more. The award is to Josh for his outstanding creative work and it’s an honor to be able to give it to him! In Portugal, you can see it if you’re a Netflix subscriber after being purchased the broadcast rights to the Australian channel, but let’s hope we may be helping out to have it on another platform in the near future.


Bruno Magina is the first winner of our much more award - national - with the children's book "The Color Village". It teach us all, in a simple but extremely effective way, that the world is plural, full of adventures and new colors to discover. Tolerance is the key to the gate of this village. A book that touched and left us with a giant smile because, after all, there is no need to complicate what is actually so simple. Fundamental in all houses, you can learn a bit more here:
Miguel Bosch was the first winner of the international version of the much more award with the webseries "Te Quiero, Yo Tampoco - the gay thing". The different forms of love, the wonderful relationship he has with his mother and his journey with the charismatic and funny Fran leaves us delighted with a thirst for more and more. The break of barriers to demonstrate that we are more than a simple label and that normativity makes no sense are the strengths of this series that enthralled us. Fall in love here too: