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Much More Awards
Bruno Magina is the first winner of our much more award - national - with the children's book "The Color Village". It teach us all, in a simple but extremely effective way, that the world is plural, full of adventures and new colors to discover. Tolerance is the key to the gate of this village. A book that touched and left us with a giant smile because, after all, there is no need to complicate what is actually so simple. Fundamental in all houses, you can learn a bit more here:
Miguel Bosch was the first winner of the international version of the much more award with the webseries "Te Quiero, Yo Tampoco - the gay thing". The different forms of love, the wonderful relationship he has with his mother and his journey with the charismatic and funny Fran leaves us delighted with a thirst for more and more. The break of barriers to demonstrate that we are more than a simple label and that normativity makes no sense are the strengths of this series that enthralled us. Fall in love here too: